Artisinal Fabric Gift Envelopes (Set of 2)


When you put your gifts into these, you wrap them with the handcrafted love of a traditional Indian artisan! These handmade, eco-friendly, ethically sourced, Ajrakh and Ikat Fabric gift envelopes have wonderful stories to tell…Of glory, pride and honour. Of painstaking, yet sustainable processes developed through generations of commitment to the craft. And as you lovingly wrap your gift with these, they will move on to tell their story once more, as they will continue to be reused and loved again and yet again! Each time, supporting a traditional artisan painstakingly preserving this art in a remote village in our country. Slip the saree or stole or book or any other gift into these handmade artisinal fabric envelopes…You can be sure that your loved one won’t be smiling alone…There will be a community of beaming artisans who will move  with renewed  energy to bring an extra shine to their craft! (Available as a set of 2, one Ajrakh and one Ikat, in two sizes).


A set of 2 fabric envelopes : Ajrakh and Ikat. Or 2 Ajrakhs. In 2 sizes : 9 x 9.5″ and 13 x 13.5″


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