• Got a thought? Jot! Kalpa ThoughtJot is the perfect place to preserve your thoughts and ideas. It has 120 pages with grid lines to write on and 8 colourful pages that are sure to open your mind and let your ideas take off and take over! All the beautiful illustrations in the book are by special young adults including the cover mosaic pattern. Enjoy and let your ideas soar!
  •   Something that every Manager should have, to write on. This 256-page notebook, has grid lines and empty date slots on every page. There are 12 beautifully illustrated, colourful pages dividing the book. Each of these pages has a story of an Asura or a Deva, ending in a light-hearted management twist. There's a personal data page with a calendar too. Each of these stories have been culled from the Puranaic Encyclopaedia, at the Sanskrit College Library, Chennai.
  • Get back to writing with this colourful Travel Notebook, illustrated in the stunning Mandala style.10 colourfully illustrated pages for Pre-trip Planning, Packing List and everything else you"ll need to plan for a trip, plus beautiful ruled pages to write your own Travelogue with placeholders for pictures or sketches. Enjoy this trip!


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